Future Medicine Introduction

Nucleoside Drug Discovery Platform
New Drug R&D Companies

Future Medicine Co., Ltd. is developing new drugs that regulate various in vivo targets involving nucleosides based on its own FOCUSTM platform technology to develop new drugs that are globally innovative for diseases without treatments.

As a pipeline,

clinical trials of non-alcoholic fatty hepatitis

and glaucoma treatments are underway in Europe, Australia, and Korea, and diabetic nephropathy and primary bile cholangitis are being secured.
In addition, first-in-class targeting, immunity, metabolic anticancer drugs, and COVID-19 treatments are being developed non-clinically as national tasks.

In order to strategically manage risks

from various candidate materials derived from FOCUSTM

as innovative new drugs, joint research and technology transfer are promoted in stages such as candidate material derivation, non-clinical, and clinical.

In the future,

we will further improve the FOCUSTM platform

and expand it to the New Drug Candidate Compound Bank (FM CHEM Bank) to become a successful company in global new drug development.

All members of Future Medicine will focus on research
and development with one mind and one mind and constantly challenge new research fields,
which will contribute to the treatment of patients with incurable diseases and the development of the biopharmaceutical industry