Management philosophy


Grows into the world's leading new drug development global company for nucleoside


To provide a healthy life for patients through the development of treatments for intractable diseases
Core value
  • Shared growth

    Efforts shall be made for the development of the company's members, shareholders and related parties
  • mutual respect

    Collaborate through communication and consideration and continue to grow
  • Pursuing Innovation

    Bio for Future Value EnhancementPractice innovative thinking and actions in conjunction with the nature of the pharmaceutical industry
  • adherence to principles

    Practice quality management while keeping the principles of research-oriented companies for the development of innovative new drugs
Type of talent
  • 01

    a responsible person

    in order to fulfill one's dutiesa man of strong responsibility and dedication
  • 02

    communicating talent

    Talent who creates synergy by actively cooperating with colleagues based on mutual respect and trust attitude
  • 03

    a man of expertise

    People who constantly grow and produce results in their fields through continuous and voluntary learning and research
  • 04

    challenging talent

    People who constantly overcome difficulties and do not give up to develop innovative new drugs